FIRST Champions

Pursue – Knowing Jesus Christ
• I am attending weekend service
• I have committed my life to Jesus Christ & have been baptized
• I have completed (step one) “life membership”

Pursue – Growing in Jesus Christ
• I am regularly attending a “life group”
• I am spending time with god
• I am giving my financial resources
• I have completed (step two) “life growth”

Pursue – Serving in Jesus Christ
• I am serving in a ministry
• I am a continual learner
• I have completed (step three) “life service”

Pursue – Sharing Jesus Christ
• I am building relationships with those who do not know Jesus
• I am sharing my story
• I am bringing new friends to the Hip-Hop worship service and other events
• I have completed (step four) “life sharing”

Pursue – Honoring Jesus Christ
• I am pursuing, knowing, growing , serving & sharing Jesus Christ

These five pursuits and their behaviors describe “Life Champions”.